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Grand Rapids, MI Credit Repair Experts

Our experienced team and proven process have helped thousands of people restore their credit. Get started with improving your personal credit score today!

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fix my creditAre you being turned down for home loans, refinancing, automobiles, credit cards, department store cards, or even gas cards?  Are you paying a higher interest rate than you should, or has your credit limit been lowered?  We can help with all of that!  Click the button to get started now!

Testimonials and Reviews

My credit score has shown so much improvement over such a short amount of time! Thank you!


My husband and I were finally able to obtain a mortgage and purchase a home! Thank you for making our dreams come true!

Kate & Mitch
Kate & Mitch

After just 90 days, my credit score increased 100 points and I was able to buy a new car! I could not have done it without your help!


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Education is the Key to Using Credit Wisely

Learn how to understand your credit score, and discover the tools and techniques to improve your life!

Get the credit you deserve. We can help – watch this video!

Are you tired and embarrassed by the constant calls from creditors and collection agencies harassing you? Are you dealing with high interest rates and eroding credit limits?  Have you faced repossession or foreclosure? Our experienced team and proven process have helped thousands of people restore their credit.  No matter how bad it seems, you can get help from our credit repair experts!

Has your low credit gotten in the way of buying a house, buying a car, or landing a job? We can help!

Credit Union Vs. Bank

If you’re not already a credit union member, you may be wondering what the difference is between your local credit union and your local bank – you may be surprised to find out that there are indeed some very substantial differences – including the way they …

Are you financially fit?

If you are a homeowner who is having trouble making your mortgage payments, you most likely want to do whatever you can to stay in your home and to avoid a foreclosure. The first thing you should keep in mind is to stay in close contact with your lender. If you are …

Keeping your home through a job loss

If you are going to miss a mortgage payment, inform your lender, keep good records of all your correspondence and use registered mail to send documents and letters so you can verify that they were received. Most lenders will work with you, as foreclosing on homes carries heavy costs for them. The following are options...

What to know before co-signing a loan

What would you do if a friend or relative asked you to cosign a loan? Before you answer, make sure you understand what cosigning involves. Under federal law, creditors are required to give you a notice that explains your obligations. A typical cosigner’s notice states …

Information for students

Despite all the recent hype regarding students and credit card offers, if you haven’t begun to use credit, it may actually be a good time to check out current credit cards available to you and begin establishing a credit history. However, proceed with caution …

Establish credit

When you have little or no credit history, applying for loans and credit can be difficult, if not impossible. Lenders like to see a record of payment history and a current credit score before they extend credit or loans. This information also helps them determine …

Top 5 Tips To Help You Take Control Of Your Credit

credit repair tips downloadWe’re here to help!  We want you to have our Top 5 Tips To Help You Take Control Of Your Credit and Build a Credit Score You Can Be Proud Of for free. If you need to repair your credit, restore your credit, or improve your credit score – at least grab these 5 free tips! No matter what your situation is, or what the circumstances are – we are here to help!  To prove it, we want to give you our best tips on how to start rebuilding your credit and improving your score right now.  Go here to grab our TOP 5 tips and download the PDF.  It’s your’s to keep! download